The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin works with partners to conserve Wisconsin’s native pollinators, including monarch butterflies, Karner blue butterflies, and the hundreds of native bees that call Wisconsin home. In the last decade, pollinators across the United States have been in serious decline, due to loss of habitat, pesticide use, pathogens, and climate change. By working with conservation partners and supporting local efforts to provide habitat and outreach on pollinator issues, we are helping make sure that Wisconsin’s pollinators are protected today and for the future.

Monarch butterfly support in WisconsinMonarch butterflies

As a proud member of the national partnership the Monarch Joint Venture, we are working with partners across Wisconsin to bring back the monarch butterfly, which has declined by 80 percent in the last couple of decades, and whose migration was named a “threatened phenomenon” by the IUCN. On our WisConservation blog we write about practical ways you can help save monarch butterflies.


Karner blue butterflies

Wisconsin has the largest population of Karner blue butterflies in the world! These threatened butterflies rely on landscapes with wild lupine, such as pine and oak barrens, savannas and prairies. The Natural Resources Foundation has been involved in conservation of the Karner blue butterfly since the 1990’s, by supporting habitat restoration and outreach to ensure that the federally endangered Karner blue butterfly population in Wisconsin continues to grow.


bee protection in WisconsinBumble bees

Wisconsin has more than 500 native bee species, including several that are in decline, such as the federally endangered rusty-patched bumble bee – the first bee to be listed on the Endangered Species Act – the yellow-banded bumble bee, and the American bumble bee. By helping fund school and community pollinator gardens, we are helping share information on bees and other pollinators, and encourage our members to get involved in bee conservation efforts.



Join Us

There are many actions individuals can do to help make a difference – we hope you’ll join us in our effort to protect Wisconsin’s pollinators!

Become a member of the Natural Resources Foundation to stay in touch about pollinator conservation in Wisconsin and help support our statewide efforts to protect pollinators and their habitat. Become a member today.

Join us on a Field Trip! Our renowned Field Trip Program includes trips about monarchs, native bees, and other pollinators. Learn more about the ecology and lifecycle of these incredible creatures, and find out more about how you can get involved in conservation efforts.

Plant a diversity of local, native plants in your gardens and lawns – including milkweed, which is necessary for the monarch’s lifecycle. Learn more about attracting native pollinators from the Xerces Society.

Join a citizen science effort to monitor and better understand pollinators. Projects such as the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project, Bumble Bee Watch, and Journey North provide critical information to scientists and conservationists. Learn more by visiting the Wisconsin Citizen-Based Monitoring Network.

Take a Wisconsin Master Naturalist class to learn about Wisconsin’s natural heritage, and plug into a statewide network of informed citizens dedicated to conservation education and service.

Read the Wisconsin Pollinator Protection Plan to learn what actions you can do to protect Wisconsin’s pollinators.


Consider a gift

You can support our work protecting monarchs and other pollinators, by making a donation online now. Designate your gift to our “Endangered Species Protection” fund.


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