Each year as the Field Trip season ends, we ask you to send us your best pictures from any Foundation Field Trip to our Field Trip Photo Contest. Together we’ve trodden among blooming flowers and shooting stars, listened to the twilight frog chorus, and paddled through hidden spring ponds. These unique experiences connect our members to the critical conservation work being done to protect Wisconsin’s precious natural resources and these photos offer an inside peak!

Thank you for being a part of our mission and for letting us see our work through your lens.

First Place

Kayaking Adventure – by Patty Henry, Sauk County, WI

Exploring the quiet side of the Wisconsin Dells on the “Paddle the Dells” NRF Field Trip at the Wisconsin River State Natural Area. 

We provide important funding for the management and restoration of Wisconsin’s public lands, including many Wisconsin State Natural Areas.

Second Place

Kirtland’s Warbler – by Dennis Randall, Adams County, WI

Male Kirtland’s Warbler singing on the “Kirtland’s Warbler Up Close” NRF Field Trip near Rome, WI.

We provide funding for Kirtland’s warbler recovery through the Bird Protection Fund.

Third Place

American Kestrel Chick – by James Tenorio, Bancroft, WI

Kestrel nestling ready to be banded on the “Kestrel Banding on the Buena Vista Grasslands” NRF Field Trip in Portage County, WI.

Proceeds from this trip supported American kestrel research and conservation.

Fourth Place

Caspian Tern – by Bruce Bartel, Brown County, WI

Caspian tern foraging for fish on the “Shorebirds & Waterbirds of Cat Island” NRF Field Trip in Lower Green Bay.

We’ve provided funding for endangered tern recovery through the Bird Protection Fund.

Honorary Mention

Prairie Smoke – by Tim Eisele, Green County, WI

Prairie Smoke flower photographed on the “Birds & Blooms of Muralt Prairie SNA” NRF Field Trip near Monticello, WI. 

We provide important funding for the management and restoration of Wisconsin’s public lands.

Honorary Mention

Release of Banded American Kestrel – by Barbara Swan, Bancroft, WI

An adult American Kestrel released on the “Kestrel Banding on the Buena Vista Grasslands” NRF Field Trip in Portage County, WI.

Proceeds from this trip supported American kestrel research and conservation.

Honorary Mention

Northern Saw-whet Owl – by Schleitwiler, Stevens Point, WI

Northern saw-whet owl banded on the “Saw-whet & Long-eared Owl Banding” NRF Field Trip at the Linwood Springs Research Station.

We’ve provided funding for numerous bird banding research projects through the Bird Protection Fund.

Be sure to bring your camera on Field Trips each year, your photograph may be the winner of our next contest.

Our Call for Entries for our 2019 photo contest is coming up soon – stay tuned!

Written by Katie Herrick, Communications Assistant

The Wisconsin Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Fund

This endowment fund will provide sustainable support to protect Wisconsin’s turtles, toads, frogs, lizards, snakes, and salamanders for future generations.

Backyard Birding with the Great Wisconsin Birdathon

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Celebrating Nelson Institute’s 50th Anniversary

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, the globally respected institution at the University of Wisconsin-Madison named after former Wisconsin Governor and U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, the author of renowned environmental legislation and founder of Earth Day.

Tracking the Phantoms: A Red-shouldered Hawk Telemetry Study

In 2018 the Foundation helped fund the first attempt to monitor Wisconsin’s red-shouldered hawk with more advanced telemetry technology.

We’re Partnering up with Snapshot Wisconsin

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Feathers – Finders Keepers? Not Really . . .

For generations, feathers have been used in many decorative ways. Once removed from the bird, there is no way to know how they were acquired. The federal migratory bird act of 1972 put specific laws in place to protect all birds to keep them from being killed for their feathers.

Conservation Dogs Lend a Paw in Bumble Bee Surveys

Thanks to the incredible support from the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin’s Wisconsin Pollinator Protection Fund, Midwest Conservation Dogs, Inc. has begun training professional detection dogs to locate bumble bee nests.

Conservation, Community, and Racial Justice

Recent events have shined a light on the deeply ingrained injustices that people of color continue to face, particularly the black community. The discrimination, violence, and oppression have left me and my colleagues at the Foundation deeply disturbed. We are angry. We are sad. We also stand in solidarity with all who are working to assure social and racial justice.

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