Lauren Koshere, NRF Donor Relations Coordinator

Lauren Koshere on an NRF Field Trip.

By: Lauren Koshere, Donor Relations Coordinator

  1. Getting active in nature is so important to NRF that it’s actually part of my job description. How cool is that?
  2. Field Trips are a seriously awesome program tool for a nonprofit organization. Each trip is an opportunity for members to meet each other, staff to get to know members, and everyone involved to connect over shared experiences…on common ground. Every other place I’ve ever worked would love to have a program that accomplishes all this at once.
  3. Our trip leaders are gems. They share not just knowledge and expertise, but deep personal commitments to the places and ecosystems they love.
  4. Reminder: our state is gorgeous. And not just where it looks most rugged, wild, or “untouched.” Watch out, because you’ll fall in love with the prairies, the wetlands, the river dalles.
  5. Our members are myth-busters, disrupting stereotypes about conservation-minded people. Here are some of the diverse occupations of a few members I’ve met so far: retired middle school principal, cheese company engineer, John Deere factory worker, Air Force pilot, ring master for a traveling circus (no kidding!).