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Virtual Field Trips

Learn all about Wisconsin’s natural wonders right from your living room!

1 Minute Field Trips

Join us out in the field during your coffee break! These 1 minute videos give you a glimpse of what it’s like to attend one of our Field Trips.

Rejuvenate your energy and attitude through Forest Bathing with Field Trip leaders Mary Binkley and Sumire Kawamoto Williams.

Explore Peninsula State Park with Field Trip leaders Eric Hyde, Jennifer Birkholz, and Krista Lutzke.

Hike one of the rarest ecosystems of Wisconsin with Field Trip leaders Jake Koebernik, Josh Martinez, and Julie Hawkins-Tyriver.

Experience an oasis of art and nature at Adams Garden Park with Field Trip leaders Sharon and Larry Adams.

Paddle among the large fragrant blooms of American lotus with Field Trip leaders Jan Axelson and Timothy Baker.

“Tag along” on a Monarch tagging adventure at Goose Pond Sanctuary with Field Trip leaders Mark and Sue Martin.

Virtual Field Trips

Most of these videos were made during the pandemic when our Field Trip season was canceled and folks couldn’t get outside with us. Hear some of our favorite Field Trip leaders talk about their conservation topics or see videos taken on previous NRF Field Trips.

Learn about the American kestrel, Wisconsin’s smallest falcon, with Beaver Creek Reserve Scientists!

Explore cranes in Wisconsin and beyond with Ben Lam, education program coordinator of the International Crane Foundation!

Meet Wisconsin’s tiniest owl, the saw-whet owl, with Gene Jacobs, director of Linwood Spring Research Station!

Join Field Trip leader and consulting ecologist Neil Diboll from Prairie Nursery, Inc. on a tour of native prairie plants.

Learn from MCDI executive director Laura Holder about the four-legged team members of Midwest Conservation Dogs, Inc.

Hear from Ruth Forsgren, naturalist with Beaver Creek Reserve, as she hikes the woods of Northwestern Wisconsin in search of blooming wildflowers.

Join author and writer Lauren Koshere to learn about and practice nature writing.

Get out in the field at The Ridges Sanctuary in Door County with leaders Jane Whitney and Julie Knox.

Visit Silver Mound, Wisconsin’s oldest and largest archaeological site with Danielle Benden and Ernie Boszhardt of Driftless Pathways LLC.

Tour the Mounds View Grassland in Southern Wisconsin with Field Trip leader Eric Preston via trail cam footage.

Tour Hoo’s Woods Raptor Center with executive director Dianne Moller.

Take a bog walk with Field Trip leaders Jim Reinartz and Danielle Bell as they explore this picturesque State Natural Area gem!

Search for frogs and turtles just emerging in springtime warmth with conservation biologist Andrew Badje.

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Banner photo by Barb Barzen.

Christine Tanzer

Christine Tanzer

Field Trip Program Director

(608) 409-3123

Christine Tanzer (she/her) has been at the helm of NRF's Field Trip program since 1997. She has coordinated over 3,000 trips, helping tens of thousands of people explore Wisconsin's most special places.