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Everlasting support for your Foundation for Wisconsin conservation

Your support for our Evergreen Fund will help NRF respond to immediate conservation needs while building a lasting source of support for the mission and work. Help grow NRF’s endowment fund so we can be here, and stay here, for Wisconsin.

“Of all of the things that the Natural Resources Foundation has helped us do, getting people and funding directly on the ground to do public land management has been incredible.”
Thomas Meyer, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

“Participating in the Natural Resource Foundation Field Trips expanded my knowledge and fueled my curiosity of the natural world.  My children and grandchildren loved the experiences and found them to be memorable. So, when I learned of their campaign to establish an endowment, I was eager to participate.  The operating endowment creates a solid foundation for NRF and frees them up to pursue important projects with significant ecological needs. It matched my interests, keeps the money local and protects the things I care about.”
Jane Barnett, Cornerstone Contributor

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2016 Besadny Grant recipient Madison Audubon Society used funding for their Connecting Students with Neighborhood Nature Program, which brought 153 school children on field trips to local nature areas. Photo: Madison Audubon Society
Pine trees. Photo by Joshua Mayer
Monarch butterfly on a purple flower. Photo by Joshua Mayer
Lake Michigan Shoreline. Photo by Joshua Mayer
“Whatever part of Wisconsin you love most, the Foundation is there to protect it.”
John Kaiser, Cornerstone Contributor

“Without the support the Foundation has provided for birds, half of the conservation we’ve been doing in the state wouldn’t have gotten done. The Foundation has played an instrumental role in helping Wisconsin be one of the leading states for bird conservation.”
Kim Grveles, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (retired)

Marta Weldon

Marta Weldon

Director of Philanthropy

(608) 409-3112

Marta Weldon (she/her) connects people with meaningful opportunities to help conserve, protect, and share the beauty of Wisconsin's natural resources.