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This funding is critical – without it we would only be able to accomplish a fraction of the wonderful things that Bird City Wisconsin has achieved.

Bryan Lenz, Ph.D., former Director of Bird City Wisconsin

The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin supports the efforts of those working to protect our state’s natural resources through our grantmaking programs. We fund projects that have a deep impact on Wisconsin’s lands, waters, and wildlife, and that connect people of all ages to our state’s incredible natural resources.

Banner photo by Jess Renley.

Button photos by Caitlin Williamson, Groundswell Conservancy, and Paul Noeldner.

Caitlin Williamson

Caitlin Williamson

Director of Conservation Programs

(608) 409-3109

Cait oversees the Natural Resources Foundation’s grant programs and initiatives for conservation and environmental education, working closely with partners across the state to ensure that our Foundation has the most significant impact possible on Wisconsin’s lands, waters, and wildlife through strategic, science-based investments.