What We Fund

The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin funds projects that have a significant and positive impact on Wisconsin’s lands, waters, and wildlife, and that connect people to Wisconsin’s natural wonders.

Grant Programs by Impact Area

Lands and waters

We provide grant funding to help cover the costs of on-the-ground conservation work. We fund habitat restoration, water quality monitoring, trail building, rare plant preservation, and other projects that benefit Wisconsin’s lands and waters.

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We also have special purpose grants available for state park property friends groups and conservation work within the Turtle Flambeau Scenic Waters Area. For more information on these specific funding opportunities contact Cait Williamson.


We provide funding for many different kinds of projects that benefit wildlife. From research and monitoring to species recovery and habitat protection, we prioritize our funding to focus on Wisconsin’s most imperiled species.

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Connecting people to nature plays a critical role in our mission to protect Wisconsin’s lands, waters, and wildlife. We fund projects that get youth and adults outside and engaged with the natural world. We fund projects such as pollinator gardens, school field trips, community events, citizen science programs, and more.

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Caitlin Williamson

Caitlin Williamson

Director of Conservation Programs

(608) 409-3109

Cait oversees the Natural Resources Foundation’s grant programs and initiatives for conservation and environmental education, working closely with partners across the state to ensure that our Foundation has the most significant impact possible on Wisconsin’s lands, waters, and wildlife through strategic, science-based investments.