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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about Field Trips:

I just became a member online. How can I see the 2023 Field Trip Schedule?

Thanks for becoming a member! If you just became a member with an online donation, a paper Guidebook will be mailed to you, though note it can take up to 7 days for you to receive it. Until then, view the entire guidebook online.

Your member access-code for registration will be in your donation confirmation email and on the back of your Guidebook.

Registered for NRF Field Trips before? You will need two different password/codes to register online:

If you registered online for Field Trips with us since 2018, there are two separate password/codes you will need to register online:

1) login password= This is entered in the beginning of your registration. This is the password you created with our Field Trip registration platform,, when you registered for trips previously.
     Forgot your password? Go here prior to April 4 and follow the steps to reset your password

2) Member Access-code= Enter this later on in the check-out process. This code is printed in the green box on the back of your guidebook.  Use the same access-code for everyone in your party.

The password is entered at the start of your online registration, member access-code is entered later in check-out.

Never registered for our Field Trips before? You will NOT need an password. You will create a password at the end of your first Field Trip registration this year. Note, there is no pre-making an account, and there is no benefit to having an account prior to registration.. just sit tight and wait till you register!

I have never registered for Field Trips before-- what codes/passwords will I need?

If you have never registered online for Field Trips us before, all you will need is the Member Access-code printed in the green box on the back of your guidebook.

Use the same access-code for everyone in your party.

Note: We use for our registration platform, and you will create a password for at the end of your first online registration. Keep note of this password, as you will need it for future registrations for Field Trips. There is no pre-making an account, and there is no benefit to having an account prior to registration.. just sit tight and wait till you register!

I donated at the $25 Individual-level. Can I still register my family to attend trips with me?

$40 is the suggested annual donation for a family or household. An annual donation of $25 or greater would also qualify you to register yourself and family (including grandchildren) to attend trips together.

Your membership supports our mission to care for Wisconsin’s lands, waters, and wildlife, and keeps our Field Trip Program running strong!

I am a member, can I register a guest with me that is not a member?

We ask that all parties attending Field Trips be members of the Foundation; membership constitutes a $25+ annual donation to the Foundation. Note, your membership of $25+ covers registering your family (including grandchildren).

You may also register an adult outside of your immediate family, but we ask they be or become a member sometime soon. This is necessary for our liability coverage, as all adult attendees need to be members.

If you register a friend, please include all of THEIR contact information (esp. phone, email) during registration.

As usual, please do not register a group, club or troop. The spirit of the program is for families to register and attend together.

Can I register a grandchild to attend a Field Trip with me?

We welcome young people to attend the field trips within the appropriate ages posted.  Yes, you may register a grandchild to accompany you on the field trip.

Note that the online registration site will ask “Are you the parent?” and just click “yes” even if you are not the parent. We are happy to have you bring your grandchildren along, and cannot disable that question from the online site.

*Note, children must be accompanied by a registered adult on every trip they attend.

How many Field Trips can I register for?

There is a limit of 4 trips per person for your initial registration. Starting April 10, you can register for unlimited trips as space allows.

Wait-listed trips do not count toward your initial 4-trip limit.

Do my wait-listed trips count towards the initial 4-trip limit?

No, wait-listed trips do not count toward your limit of 4 trips per person.

Note, this limit is just for the first two weeks of April. Starting April 10th you may register for as many Field Trips as you wish.

I registered for NRF Field Trips before, will I need a login password for Active? What if I forgot my password?

We use Active for our registration platform. If you registered online for Field Trips since 2018, you created an account and login password with Active.  (Note, this is different than your Member Access-code. The Active password is entered at the start of your registration, member access-code is entered later in check-out)

Don’t remember your password? You can click on “forgot my password” during your online registration, though it can take up to 5-10 minutes, which can seem long and stressful on the opening day!

It is recommended that you reset your password before opening of registration April 4.

Steps to reset your password:

  1. Click on this link to go to Active login.
  2. Click on Forgot my password in the bottom right corner of the pop-up box
  3. Enter your email address and click on the orange button Send password link
  4. In about 5-10 minutes you will receive an email to reset your password.  (Note, check spam/junk folder)
  5. Change your password, then close the window or logout

IMPORTANT: Do not go back to to register for Field Trips—instead use the registration link posted on our website or in our emails.

New to NRF Field Trips? Don’t do anything before registering. You’ll make an account with Active as you register for your 2023 Field Trips.

What's the difference between my Active password and my Member Access-Code?

Active password: If you registered online with us in 2018-2022, you created your own password for Active (our online registration platform). You will be asked to enter your Active password at the start of the registration process

Member Access-Code: this code is in the green box on the back of your Field Trip Guidebook and is entered later in the check-out process. Use the same Member Access-Code for everyone in your party.

New to NRF Field Trips? Don’t do anything before registering. You’ll make an account with Active as you register for your 2023 Field Trips.

How do I cancel my reservation? Are trip fees refundable?

I’m sorry, but trip fees are not refundable if you cancel your reservation.

To cancel a trip- please email or call the Field Trip phone line: 608-409-3123. Leave a message with the # and name of the trip and the names of the people in your party who are canceling.

How do I find a Field Trip that matches with my physical abilities?

Trip titles in the Field Trip Guidebook are color coded with a physical demand rating to help you decide whether the activity level matches your abilities. Visit our accessibility page for more information and a list of trips that are wheelchair accessible.

I added myself to a waiting list for a trip. Now what?

It is always a good idea to put your name on the waiting list! We often have registrants cancel, and will call or email you if space becomes available for you (and your guests) to attend a trip.

Are there Covid safety guidelines for the 2023 season?

We do not have special safety guidelines in place for COVID for the 2023 season. We will update this policy if need arises.

Note, face masks may be required on some Field Trips due to leader preference or local/facility policies, to be determined closer to date of trip.

Will I need to sign a Liability Waiver?

You will be asked to sign a liability waiver at the start of your Field Trip.

Does my Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine subscription or Conservation Patron's license count as a membership to the Foundation?

I am sorry, your magazine subscription or Conservation Patron’s license does not include a membership to the Foundation. We are a separate non-profit and not a part of the DNR. You will need to become a member of the Foundation to register for Field Trips.

If trips fill so quickly, why not just add more sessions?

Our Field Trips are often led by people who are volunteering their time amidst a busy work schedule, and they only have time to lead one trip per year. If the trip leader is able to add on another session, we will invite people from the waiting list first before opening up the spaces to new registrants.

Some trips say they are fundraisers. Are they tax deductible?

Yes, there are a few trips where a portion of the fees are tax deductible. If you attended an eligible trip, we will send an email in early December to use as a receipt for your tax filing.

Note: most Field Trip registration fees are not tax deductible.

What do my registration fees cover?

We do our best to keep our fees to a minimum, while offering a great value for your money. Your fees cover the online registration software, printing and mailing of the Field Trip Guidebook, program staff and other administrative costs. Some trips have higher costs that cover bus or boat rentals, or are fundraisers for important ecological programs, properties, or research.

I am interested in being a Field Trip leader. How do I get involved?

We round up Field Trip ideas in October/November for the coming year. Let us know if you are interested in learning more. Email

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Christine Tanzer

Christine Tanzer

Field Trip Program Director

(608) 409-3123

Christine has been at the helm of NRF's Field Trip program since 1997. She has coordinated over 3,000 trips, helping tens of thousands of people explore Wisconsin's most special places.