Capacity Building

Helping our partners do more for Wisconsin

As a hub for conservation funding in Wisconsin, we provide financial support and other services to hundreds of conservation and education organizations across Wisconsin. By investing in our partners, we hope to ensure you are effective, sustainable, and able to address the most important needs for Wisconsin’s natural resources, now and into the future.

Agency Endowment Funds

As a nonprofit organization we understand that operational support can be the most difficult to raise, but is just as critical to your mission as project and program funding. We are here to work with your organization to help you raise sustainable funding. Through our Wisconsin Conservation Endowment, we hold agency endowment funds for tax-exempt organizations that provides permanent, sustainable support for conservation and education work in Wisconsin.

Trusted and respected as Wisconsin’s community foundation for conservation, we work with organizations including Trout Unlimited, River Alliance of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, Friends of Wisconsin State Parks, and many others to further those organizations’ conservation missions.

Capacity-building Grants

Through our CD Besadny Conservation Fund we accept applications for capacity-building investments such as internships, website development, educational materials, and other needs that help further your conservation mission.

Dollars invested in WI nonprofits

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Agency endowments held

Impact in Action

The Kirtland’s warbler is here to stay

The Kirtland’s warbler is here to stay

There is now permanent funding to support Kirtland’s warbler conservation efforts in Wisconsin! The American Bird Conservancy Kirtland’s Warbler Fund, held by the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, was established to provide a sustainable funding source for conservation efforts for the state-endangered Kirtland’s warbler in Wisconsin.

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