How to Register


Whether new to our program or a returning member, there’s a lot of good information on this page to help you have a smooth registration experience.
(Scroll below for registration tutorial video updated for 2019)


New to the Foundation and our Field Trips?  Here’s the scoop on registration:

First step: You must be a current member of the Foundation in order to register for our Field Trips.
Become a member of the Foundation with a donation of $25 or more. Click here to become a member.
Second step: You will receive a Member-code in your donation confirmation email that you can use during your online registration. Your member-code is also printed in red on the back cover of the Field Trip Guidebook.
Third Step: C
hoose your top 4 choices from our list of 234 Field Trips (limit of 4 trips per person)
Click here to view our Field Trip Guidebook online. A paper booklet will be mailed to you after your online donation, but this can take up to a week. View online now to select your trips before the opening of registration March 27.
Fourth step: Register online starting at noon, March 27. We do not accept phone registrations.
A link for registration will be posted on our website starting March 27.
Last step: Enjoy exploring Wisconsin! We will email you details and directions two weeks before your trip date(s).


Important tips for using our registration system in 2019

Our online registration site can be a little tricky–so we have posted help below so you have a smooth registration.
Don’t miss the tutorial video below– updated for 2019!

Essential tips for using our registration site:

1. Be sure ALL your trips are in your cart, and quantities updated, before you click the orange “Continue” button.
2. Use the filters at left on reg site, or calendar view, to easily find trips.
3. Trips are listed in order of dates they occur. So session B is not always listed following session A if it is on a later date.
4. If you don’t know guest’s birthday, or uncomfortable entering real birthdays, use the b-day: 01/01/2000.
5. Members: mark ALL your guests as members, and use your same member-code for everyone in your party
6. IMPORTANT! If you registered for trips with us in 2018, you will enter your password at the start of the check-out process. Member-code is entered later in the check-out process. *see below for details
7. If you did not register with us in 2018, you do not need an password to register for Field Trips. You will create an account and password when you check out with your registration.


If you registered with us in 2018, there are some things you will need to know… 

If you registered online with us in 2018, there are two different codes you will need to register this year:

1) password—this is the password you created when you registered for Field Trips with us in 2018.  You enter this password at the start of the check-out process in a box that looks like this:

 (*see below for directions if you do not remember your password)


2)    Member-code—this code is in red on the back of your Field Trip Guidebook and is entered later in the registration process here:

   (use the same member-code for your guests too)


*Registered in 2018 but do not remember the password you created?
If you registered online for Field Trips with us in 2018 you will need to use your password you created when you checked out last year.  Don’t remember that password?  You have two options:
Before noon, March 27: Click on this link, enter your email and click “forgot password” and will send you an email to reset your password that you can use during your 2019 Field Trip registration.
During your 2019 Field Trip registration after noon, March 27: when checking-out with your 2019 Field trips, click “forgot password.” An email will be sent to you to reset your password before you can proceed to finishing your Field Trip registration.


If you did not register with us in 2018, you do not need an password to register for Field Trips. You will create an account and password when you check out with your registration.

Video Tutorial

New! Registration video tutorial updated for 2019

There isn’t a way to “practice” your registration before noon, March 27 — but watching this tutorial video is the next best thing! See as Christine talks you through the registration process from start to finish. A great way to prepare for the big day!

Written Step-by-step Tutorial

We know everyone learns differently, so in addition to the video above, we also created this illustrated, written step-by-step tutorial so that you can explore and learn at your own pace. Click here to view it in your full screen.

Step-by-Step Guide

Field Trip Mail-In Form

Registration opens on Wednesday, March 27– any mail-in registrations received before this date will not be accepted. There is a $10 processing fee for mail-in registrations.

Field Trip Mail-in Form

Christine Tanzer

Christine Tanzer

Field Trip Director

(608) 409-3123

Christine coordinates the many facets of the Foundation’s vibrant Field Trip Program. Passionate about showcasing Wisconsin’s amazing natural treasures, she has organized well over 2,000 Field Trips since joining NRF in 1997.