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Settlement Funds

Trustee for Natural Resource Legal Settlements

The Natural Resources Foundation serves as a trustee for funds from legal and regulatory actions related to natural resources in Wisconsin. These funds originate from court orders, settlements, and regulatory permits.

Current projects include:

  • Chippewa River Protection and Restoration Escrow Account – provides funding for habitat protection and restoration projects and fish turbine entrainment protection measures.
  • Grandmother Falls Fish Passage and/or Protection Device Design, Construction, Operation, and Evaluation Fund – provides funding for the design, construction, and operation of fish passage and/or protection devices in Wisconsin
  • Prairie du Sac Dam Habitat Enhancement, Mitigation, Research, Study, and Fish Passage Fund – provides funding to ensure upstream fish passage above the dam.

For more information read our policy on managing escrow accounts.

David Clutter

David Clutter

Executive Director