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Press Releases

Mother and baby fox touch noses


[September 11th, 2023] The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of their annual Photo Contest by awarding bigger prizes for the best nature photos taken in Wisconsin.


Connecticut warbler on a tree branch for 2023 Birdathon Report


[August 15th, 2023] Over $122,000 raised by birders during the 2023 Great Wisconsin Birdathon will fund the state’s 11 most important bird conservation projects.


Two young adults laughing together in a forest


[July 26th, 2023] The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin and other conservation organizations are bringing new faces to the conservation field.


Team Owen Park Owls By Caitlyn Schuchhardt


[June 19th, 2023] The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin and Wisconsin DNR team up to increase pollinator habitat in State Parks, announcing seven new park properties getting a pollinator upgrade.


Team Owen Park Owls By Caitlyn Schuchhardt


[April 15th, 2023] Birders are gathering their flocks for the largest bird conservation fundraiser in the state, running from April 15th through June 15th.


Mississippi River Paddle Field Trip: Herptile Conservation (2022) photo by Andrew Badje


[March 20th, 2023] The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin announces 263 Field Trips exploring Wisconsin’s special outdoor places – our 30th Field Trip season – with more beginner-friendly trips and accessibility options.


Motts Ravine State Natural Area by Josh Mayer


[January 18th, 2023] In 2022, the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin granted $1,030,650 to support 241 conservation and environmental education projects across the state.


A mound at Cranberry Creek Mound Group SNA


[January 6th, 2023] This year, funds will support habitat restoration projects at the Cranberry Creek Mound Group State Natural Area and Pierce County Islands Wildlife Area. The Cherish Wisconsin Outdoors Fund is built through donations made when purchasing a hunting or fishing license. (Joint Press Release with WDNR)




September 12, 2023: Diversity needed to further conservation field (Badger Herald)

September 11, 2023: Natural Resources Foundation hosts annual nature photo contest (WKOW)

August 26, 2023: Environmental groups recruit people of color (AP News)

August 24, 2023: Donate to Cherish WI Outdoors Fund when you renew your hunting license (Outdoors Radio at 27:50)

August 23, 2023: Caitlin Williamson makes sure the Wisconsin conservation show goes on (UW Nelson Institute)

August 22, 2023: Diversity in Conservation Internship aims to welcome new voices to the field (WI State Journal)

July 25, 2023: Wisconsin program fosters diversity in the next generation of conservationists (WUWM)

July 18, 2023: Wisconsin’s pollinators are in danger, and you can help save them (Up North News)

July 10, 2023: Field Trips with the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin (Madison Locally Sourced)

June 23, 2023: Wisconsin’s pollinators get a boost with Natural Resources grant (Fox 11)

June 23, 2023: Property owners can help with pollinator habitats (WJJQ Northwoods)

June 20, 2023: Pollinators are declining, but some Wisconsinites see ways to reverse that trend (WPR)

June 19, 2023: NRF and Wisconsin DNR Team Up to Increase Pollinator Habitat in State Parks (WDNR)

May 25, 2023: 2023 Field Trips (Outdoors Radio at 18:20)

May 22, 2023: DeForest students stay put to do their part in Birdathon (

May 18, 2023: Birding by Train Field Trip (KSTP)

April 27, 2023: Saving Wisconsin’s birds (WORT)

April 24, 2023: What to do in Madison this week: Great Wisconsin Birdathon (Isthmus)

April 10, 2023: Explore Wisconsin with natural resource field trips (WKOW)

April 5, 2023: Great Wisconsin Birdathon launching soon (Outdoors Radio with Dan Small)

April 4, 2023: Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin offers field trips throughout state (Baraboo News Republic)

March 29, 2023: Update from NRF: Field Trips and Great Wisconsin Birdathon (Larry Meiller Show – WPR)

March 25, 2023: Wisconsin conservation groups issue an SOS for Wisconsin songbirds (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

March 20, 2023: Parks, other projects protect Wisconsin’s pollinators (Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine)

March 9, 2023: Best of Wisconsin’s natural world: NRF field trips are back for 30th year (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

March 2, 2023: Find your flock for the Great Wisconsin Birdathon (Bird City News)

February 16, 2023: Saving migration for Wisconsin’s long-distance migratory birds (WORT)

January 15, 2023: Filling in knowledge on Wisconsin’s elusive salamander, the mudpuppy (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

January 8, 2023: Juneau County receives DNR funding to improve public lands (NBC 15)

January 3, 2023: Grants support Connecticut warbler breeding habitat in Wisconsin (WORT)

December 15, 2022: Research on the needs of migratory birds: the Neotropical Flyways Project (WORT)

November 17, 2022: A first-of-its-kind project is helping land adapt to climate change (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

October 24, 2022: Birding is a traditionally white-dominated space.  One WI group is trying to change that (WPR)

October 12, 2022: DNR and Partners Take Action on Disappearing Songbird (WDNR)

September 29, 2022: Building a Diverse Workforce for the future of conservation (WDNR)

September 13, 2022: WI’s first grassland climate adaptation site is a ‘best case scenario’ for mitigating climate change (WPR)

June 6, 2022: Birders Gather to Raise Funds for Birds and their Habitat (WORT)

May 14, 2022: Wisconsin coalition urges Congress to pass bill that would save habitat and keep species from becoming endangered (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

May 13, 2022: Wisconsin’s natural world is at risk. A bill pending in Congress would help protect it (Green Bay Gazette)

May 2, 2022: Field Trips from the Natural Resources Foundation Show Off Wisconsin from All Angles (Up North News)

April 24, 2022: Go Birding for a Cause with ’22 Great Wisconsin Birdathon (Badger Birder)

March 2022: Field Trips Foster Love of the Outdoors (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Magazine)

March 17, 2022: These field trips explore Wisconsin’s special natural places — including some closed to the public (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

October 11, 2021: Lake Wingra is classroom for Edgewood Campus School students (Newskudo)

September 28, 2021: Great Wisconsin Birdathon funds to help birds throughout the Americas (Birdwatching Daily)

June 23, 2021: DNR and Partners Team up to Improve 2,000 Acres of Pollinator Habitat in Southwestern Wisconsin (Lake Superior News)

April 30, 2021: Enjoy “Migration Miracle” And Help Birds in Wisconsin (Antigo Times)

April 11, 2021: North Iowa Nitty Gritty: Goats on the Go isn’t kidding around when it comes to landscaping (Globe Gazette)

March 1, 2021: Outdoor classrooms shouldn’t end with the pandemic (Bloomberg Report)

February 25, 2021: David Clutter talks about the programs of the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin and the Cherish Wisconsin Outdoors Fund (Dan Small Outdoors Radio 28:50)

September 18,2020: Wild Things: The Hunt is on for an Escape from COVID-19 Madness (Door County Pulse)

September 12,2020: Mark LaBarbera: A Big Win for Outdoor Recreation in Wisconsin (Wisconsin State Journal)

September 9, 2020: Focus on Nature:Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin (Price County Review)

July 9,2020: Band Owls, Climb Trees and More on the Popular NRF Field Trips Which are Still on for 2020        (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

May 25, 2020: Birdwatching Blossoms In time of Coronavirus (New York Daily News)

May 9, 2020: Don’t Share the Binoculars: Even Birdwatching has Changed in the Era of COVID-19        (Wisconsin State Journal)

May 4, 2020: Birding is a Socially Distancing Friendly Sport you can do During the Great Wisconsin Birdathon (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

April 27, 2020: Birders Across the State Step up in Response to Bird Loss (The Country Today)

April 22, 2020: Megan Severson and Abe Lenoch: Wisconsin Birding for Beginners (The Cap Times – Madison)

April 20, 2020: Birders Across the State Step up in Response to Wisconsin’s Bird Loss (Lake Milles Leader)

April 22, 2019: Tours offer glimpse of Driftless history (The Country Today)

March 27, 2019: Natural Resources Foundation (Larry Meiller Show)

March 20, 2019: Maple trees signal spring arrival (Portage Daily Register)

March 14, 2019: See secret natural spots and rare species on a field trip with the Natural Resources Foundation (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

December 10, 2018: Winter is prime time to seed milkweed for monarchs (WXPR Radio)

November 13, 2018: Hunters can help improve habitat with donation (WXPR Radio)

October 31, 2018: License buyers can add to Wisconsin’s outdoor legacy (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

October 19, 2018: Connecting, exploring, and engaging at Crestwood Elementary (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction)

October 11, 2018: To tag a butterfly (Isthmus)

September 17, 2018: Two Rivers’ Woodland Dunes braces forested swales as emerald ash borer nears (Herald Times Reporter)

September 1, 2018: Conference in Pewaukee to address decline in swifts, nighthawks and other winged bug-eaters (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

May 30, 2018: Nature and Wildife Writers Roundtable (Larry Meiller Show, min. 0:18:00)

April 6, 2018: Great Wisconsin Birdathon takes flight during Year of the Bird (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

April 5, 2018: The call of the wild: The Wisconsin Master Naturalist program trains volunteers to study and celebrate our state resources (Isthmus)

March 29, 2018: 8 scenic and historical train rides in Wisconsin (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

February 17, 2018: Record number of snowy owls sighted in Wisconsin this winter (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

January 8, 2018: Badger and Arlington take the stage (Project SNOWstorm)

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