All of these photos were taken during Field Trips with the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin. The name of the Field Trip is included for reference. Join us for our 2017 Field Trip season. Registration opens for current or renewing members on March 22, 2017 at noon. Make sure your membership is current before February 15th, in order to receive your 2017 Field Trip Guidebook in the mail.

Grand Prize: Jerry Newman for Muralt Bluff Prairie seed collecting—2016 trip #166 Muralt Bluff Prairie SNA: Autumnal Vistas and Seed Collecting

2017 Field Trip Photo contest winner Jerry Newman_Muralt Bluff Prairie seed collecting


First runner-up: Stephen Glass’ photo of sundew—2016 trip #95 Bog Orchids and Carnivorous Plants

Stephen Glass Sundew from Orchids and Carnivorous Plants


Second runner-up: Tom Lally for this vulture portrait—2016 trip # 18 Catching the Peak: Migratory Bird Banding

Portrait of a vulture by Tom Lally


Third runner-up: Patty Henry for this photo of paddlers at Nixon Lake State Natural Area—2016 trip #122 Paddling Nixon Lake SNA and the Manitowish River

Paddlers at Nixon Lake State Natural Area_Patty Henry


Honorable Mentions

Thomas Meyer’s fox snake

Fox Snake bog vs swamp Field Trip


Patti Pentler’s saw-whet owl—2016 trip $182 Amazing Raptor Migration: Hawk Ridge Observatory

Saw-whet owl Raptor Migration by Patti Pentler


Gregory Hottman’s Northern Lights from Isle Royale

Northern Lights from Isle Royale by Gregory Hottman


Daniel Goltz’s bald eagle chick in its nest—2016 trip # 56 Eagle Banding and Voyager Canoe on the lower Wisconsin River

Bald eagle chick in nest by Daniel Goltz