Drop of Water, by Wardius

A message from Foundation Executive Director David Clutter and Board Chair Kristine Krause

Recent events have shined a light on the deeply ingrained injustices that people of color continue to face, particularly the black community. The discrimination, violence, and oppression have left me and my colleagues at the Foundation deeply disturbed. We are angry. We are sad. We also stand in solidarity with all who are working to assure social and racial justice.

We also humbly acknowledge that we have work to do and are currently engaged and committed to doing the hard work of reckoning with how our organization must change to include and support the diverse communities of our society.  In the coming months we will share specific actions that we intend to take.

Ecology teaches us that all life on earth is intertwined and interdependent. We are only going to make progress as a society if fairness, justice, and dignity are shared and enjoyed by all.   

This work, like all just and necessary work, will be ongoing. There is no one-and-done. But we also know that now is the time to move beyond traditional conservation to consider and reflect the needs of diverse communities throughout Wisconsin.

And though we are moving in the right direction, our actions will ultimately define us. But through listening, learning, love, and respect we can strengthen both our human community and the natural systems on which we all rely. We are committed not just to the importance of the work, but also carrying out the work.

On behalf of the Foundation board and staff,

David Clutter
Executive Director
Kristine Krause
Board Chair

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in conservation

It is vitally and increasingly important to consider diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our changing world. According to data from the 2010 U.S. Census, more than 25 percent of children in Wisconsin are people of color. That means the future of conservation depends upon making conservation relevant and meaningful to all Wisconsinites.