This video by DNR’s Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation is all about our Endangered Resources in Wisconsin. We are proud to support Natural Heritage Conservation (NHC) and to partner with DNR to protect these Endangered Resources.

Since 1986 the Natural Resources Foundation has contributed:

  • $1,905,744 to NHC in support of public lands and waters projects (primarily State Natural Areas);
  • $1,475,717 to NHC in support of species of greatest conservation need (threatened, endangered, declining, etc.).

We have played a major role in supporting:

  • Wisconsin River Valley
  • Northern Highlands
  • Whooping cranes
  • Oak savannas
  • Wood turtle
  • Kirtland’s warblers
  • Bats
  • Trumpeter swans

We have also played a more minor role with:

  • Karner blue butterfly
  • Spring peeper and northern cricket frog and Wisconsin Frog and Toad Survey
  • Eastern bluebird
  • Osprey

You can support Wisconsin’s endangered resources by making a gift to the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin today. Make sure you include “Endangered Species Protection” in the memo line of your check or in the Special Purpose section of our online donation form. Every dollar you donate will be matched, doubling your impact.


Video Credits

Music: “Saints” by Moby, courtesy of

Footage: Wisconsin DNR