I Heart Wisconsin t-shirt

Support our state and Ruth's epic I Heart Wisconsin: River Trip with a t-shirt based on the symbol that flies on the back of her kayak!

I Heart Wisconsin: River Trip Story Map

Foundation Executive Director Ruth Oppedahl is headed out on a Wisconsin adventure of a lifetime: paddling the Wisconsin River from source to mouth over 18 days. Follow her progress and learn about the places she's visiting on our new story map!

Celebrating 25 years

This year marks the 25th anniversary of our C.D. Besadny Conservation Grant Program. Read about some of the great results from the projects that have received support from this statewide program.

Day XI: Rock, stone and floating boats

Listen to Ruth tell the story of Day XI:  Day XI transcribed: This is the Oct. 7 blog for day 11 on the river. I first wanted to start out answering a few questions people have asked. One is about if my boat is still leaking–it is. When I was in Point, my boat was completely unloaded and when I turned it upside down, I saw two pencil-lead-sized holes where I could see daylight straight trough the bottom of the boat. I knew I had been having slow leaks and it’s nothing that would sink the boat, but it gets
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Protecting Lands, Waters, & Wildlife

We Connect People to the Wonders of Wisconsin

Since 1986, our Foundation has worked provide sustainable funding for Wisconsin’s most imperiled species and ecosystems, while helping citizens explore, care for, and protect our state’s natural resources.

With your help, we have provided more than $5.4 million to conservation efforts across Wisconsin.

We also created the Wisconsin Conservation Endowment, which currently includes 68 funds and $4.12 million in assets that permanently support specific lands, programs, and species.

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