FAQ & Reg. tips

Four essential tips for the new registration system:

  • Be sure ALL your trips are in your cart, and quantities updated, before you click the orange “Continue” button
  • Use the calendar function to most easily find your Field Trips (calendar button is in the top middle of your screen)
  • If you don’t know guest’s birthday, or uncomfortable entering real birthdays, use the b-day: 01/01/2000
  • Members, answer YES for the question “Are you a current member?” and use your same member-code for ALL guests in your party.

Registration Tutorials

Correction to video:
It is possible you already have an account with our new registration provider Active.com, as they service many nature centers and recreation departments. If so, the system will recognize your email address and prompt you for a registration passcode. If you do not know your passcode, click “forgot passcode” and Active.com will email you to create a new one. (Note, this is for your registration account, which is different than your NRF membership).

Pre-making registration Accounts:
Sorry, you cannot pre-make a registration account, as was stated on page 3 of the Field Trip Guidebook. But, our new registration system secures your trips as soon as you add them to your cart, so pre-making an account is not an advantage for our Field Trip registration.


Written step-by-step tutorial

We know everyone learns differently, so in addition to the video above, we also created this illustrated, written step-by-step tutorial so that you can explore and learn at your own pace. Click here to view it in your full screen.



FAQ with Christine

Christine Tanzer Field Trip Coordinator

Christine Tanzer has been coordinating the Foundation’s Field Trip Program since 1997. Since then the program has expanded from 30 trips to 212 in 2017. Christine pored through her emails from Field Trip participants like you to develop this list of great questions and helpful answers.


Dear Christine: I hear you are changing your online registration system for 2018, and I am concerned about knowing how to navigate the new system efficiently.

Yes, we do have a new registration system this year that has a more cart-like feel. We think you will like it! We have created two tutorials to help prepare you for your registration. One is the video above. The second is a written tutorial so that you can learn and explore at your own pace.

Dear Christine: Can I pre-make an account before I register for Field Trips? 

I am sorry, but pre-making a registration account as written on page 3 of the Field Trip Guidebook will NOT be available. When writing text for the booklet in January, it seemed like an option, but diving deeper into programming the new registration site since then, we found that it just won’t be possible.

The great thing about the new registration system is that the moment you add trips to your cart, they are secured as yours, so there is no time-pressure when you are adding guests names and information (which was not the case in our old system). You will create an account when you check out with your Field Trip registration this year. By creating an account at the end of the registration process, your and your guests’ information will be saved in the system for you to use in the future.

We apologize for the confusion. Please know that we are working hard to make the best possible experience for you.

Field Trip coordinator holds trumpeter swan

Field Trip Coordinator Christine Tanzer holds a trumpeter swan for banding during a Field Trip.

Dear Christine: I am a member, when will I receive my 2018 Field Trip Guidebook?

Field Trip Guidebooks will be mailed to our members in early March. Registration opens to our members at noon on March 28th. Registration is exclusively online, and no phone or email registrations will be accepted. If you are not already a member of the Foundation, please consider becoming a member now so you will receive the Field Trip Guidebook in the mail.

Dear Christine: Some trips in the Guidebook each year are indicated as fundraisers. Are they tax deductible?

Yes, there are some select trips where a portion, or majority, of the trip fees are tax deductible. In early December I will send you a letter in the mail, or an email you can print out, to use as a receipt for your tax filing. We appreciate your support of these important projects. Only those indicated as such in the booklet are tax deductible; your regular Field Trip registration fees are not tax deductible.

Dear Christine: What do my registration fees cover?

We do our best to keep our fees to a minimum, while offering a great value for your money. Your fees cover the online registration software, printing and mailing of the Field Trip Guidebook, program staff and other administrative costs. Some trips have higher costs that cover bus or boat rentals, or are fundraisers for important ecological programs, properties, or research.

Dear Christine: I have been going on your Field Trips for years and I’d like to get more involved in the various topics I have learned about.

Bruce Bartel_Humming Bird_#49 Moquah Barrens SNA_2015

Hummingbird seen on Moquah Barrens SNA Field Trip.

We hope our Field Trips inspire you to do more for our natural resources! You can get involved with citizen-based monitoring, where people help our state’s scientists gather information about a wide variety of species and places–from frogs to fireflies and forests to fens. You can also become a Wisconsin Master Naturalist and gain skills in education, stewardship and citizen science.

Dear Christine: I love going on Field Trips. What can I do to support the Field Trip Program?

I am delighted to hear this! If you’d like to make a donation to support the Field Trip Program, you can do so during your online registration for Field Trips. Just indicate the amount of your donation at the bottom of the page where you select your field trips. Or, if you are able, consider joining our Sojourners Society with an annual gift of $500 dedicated to support the Field Trip Program. This Society will provide sustainable funding to ensure that field trips remain accessible and affordable for all members. In appreciation, Society members receive guaranteed Field Trip registration, and first chance at registering for our international excursions. Email [email protected] for more information.

Do you have more questions about Field Trips?

Email Christine at [email protected].