(Photo by Jack Bartholmai)

(Photo by Jack Bartholmai)

“Some say there are more important priorities than birds. But bird conservation is a

powerful force for positive change.”

-The State of North America’s Birds – 2016 (stateofthebirds.org)

Here in Wisconsin, 30 percent of our 284 native bird species are identified as Species of Greatest Conservation Need in the Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan. Among them are trumpeter swans, spruce grouse, short-eared owls, red-headed woodpeckers, Kirtland’s warblers, and bald eagles.

Scientific reports from national organizations describe the plight of birds as grim, but NOT hopeless. However, we must we act quickly and effectively to reverse their demise. Wisconsin’s Bird Protection Fund supports projects that do just that: advance bird conservation at the statewide level. We secure support for bird conservation projects and programs identified as priorities by the Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan, the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Thanks to donors like you, the Natural Resources Foundation has provided $1.56 million to bird conservation projects during our 30 years through support from Bird Protection Fund contributions, project grants, and Wisconsin Conservation Endowment proceeds. Your support, through a gift to the Bird Protection Fund or the Great Wisconsin Birdathon (April – June) , helps advance bird conservation in our state through our eight priority Bird Protection Fund projects which help meet the full life-cycle needs of Wisconsin’s birds, for breeding, migrating and wintering. Read the 2016 project updates to find out how your gifts make a difference for Wisconsin’s birds.

In December 2016, nearly $59,000 was disbursed to these projects from the Bird Protection Fund:

$11,100 to Bird City Wisconsin for programs in its 99 communities.

$6,000 for personnel in the Important Bird Areas Program

$4,650 to the Wisconsin Kirtland’s Warbler Project  for field ornithologists to monitor warbler nests.

$7,500 to the Wisconsin Bird Monitoring Program for personnel to monitor owls, raptors, marsh birds, nightjars, and more.

$6,500 to the Wisconsin Stopover Initiative  for programs supporting conservation of migratory bird stopover habitat.

$8,900 for field ornithologists to conduct surveys for the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II

$4,650 for the education program “Aula Verde” in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula

$9,300 for training interns for the Whooping Crane Reintroduction Program


$12,000 was also disbursed to Wisconsin organizations that participated in the Great Wisconsin Birdathon to raise funds for their own work.


Other projects that have received Bird Protection Fund support include:

Chequamegon Bay Birding & Nature Festival

Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail

DNR Species Guidance Reports for Declining Forest Birds

Project Snowstorm

We invite all bird enthusiasts to support Wisconsin’s birds by making a gift to the Bird Protection Fund. Please use our online donation form  or send a check, with Bird Protection Fund on the memo line, to Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, PO Box 2317, Madison, WI 53701-2317. For more information, call 866-264-4096.

 We invite all bird enthusiasts to support the birds you care about and enjoy! On behalf of all of our state’s birds, we thank you.