whooping crane by DZJohnson

This is truly one of the greatest restoration projects in wildlife history. It is the wildlife restoration equivalent of putting a man on the moon.
-John Christian, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and co-chair, Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership

The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin is proud to be a founding member of the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership, a group of organizations committed to recovering the whooping crane in North America. With only 100 whooping cranes in the wild, these incredible birds need our help more than ever.

The whooping crane, North America’s tallest and rarest bird, was nearly lost when its worldwide population reached an astonishing low of just 15 birds in 1941, due to over hunting and habitat destruction. Today, the recovery effort focuses on releasing whooping cranes chicks into the wild and monitoring the population in Wisconsin, as well as their wintering grounds in the south.

The recovery process is challenging, but with your help, we are working to recover this majestic species. The Foundation supports whooping crane field research and monitoring efforts, as well as the captive rearing of whooping crane chicks that will be released in the wild. We work closely with partners including the International Crane Foundation, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and many other conservation groups on this effort.

Donate now to support whooping cranes in Wisconsin. By joining the Natural Resources Foundation’s Crane Club with an annual $100 gift, you will receive updates on the progress of the whooping crane recovery effort, and directly support conservation efforts to protect this majestic species. Join the Crane Club today by donating online with a minimum gift of $100 and designating the special purpose to whooping cranes.




(Photo by Deborah Johnson)