FT140_CSeeley_HikersWe invite you to experience the wonder and joy of Wisconsin by taking a field trip to see our state’s most amazing wild places and creatures, guided by enthusiastic professionals and expert guides.  Field trip season runs from mid-April through mid-November.  Our field trips are only open to Natural Resources Foundation members and their guests. Join online now! Your membership supports the conservation of our state’s most precious resources: our public lands, waters, and wildlife.

What makes our field trips special?

We offer amazing and completely unique opportunities for all ages and abilities to explore and learn about bats, birds, butterflies, beetles, and more. Or hike, bike, or canoe in Wisconsin’s most spectacular places. You’ll have a great time, and discover the very best of our state.

Our field trips are led by professionals from the Department of Natural Resources and other experts who share their love and knowledge of Wisconsin’s lands, waters, and wildlife. No other organization offers these kinds of up-close experiences that inspire our participants and provide a great introduction to Wisconsin’s precious natural resources.

When can I sign up for field trips?

If you are a member of the Foundation:

Current and renewing members of the Foundation will receive a copy of the Field Trip Guidebook in the mail in early March.

Registration for our 2015 field trips is exclusively online (no phone calls or emails), and opens to current Foundation members in mid-March.  Members will find their registration passcode printed above the mailing label on their Field Trip Guidebook.

Trips fill fast (in a matter of minutes for some coveted trips), so be prepared to act fast when registration opens.

If you are not already a member of the Foundation:

Consider becoming a member now to secure your spot on the most sought after trips!

Or, wait until after April 1st and become a member during the field trip registration process, and you will receive a discounted membership of just $15 per family.

Questions?  Email: [email protected]

Sojourners Society

If you cherish your outdoor memories of hikes through verdant lands, paddles down pristine waters, and quiet observations of birds, bats and other wildlife with the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, we invite you to join our Sojourners Society to support our field trip program. Learn more about how to become a Sojourners Society member today!

International Trips

Want to explore the world with us? Discover our International Trips.