Our Field Trips run April through November each year, and highlight the best of the best of Wisconsin’s natural resources, and offers hands-on experiences that are often not available to the general public.

You must be a member of the Foundation to register for a Field Trip.

2018 Field Trip Guidebook

2018 Field Trip Guidebook

Registration for the 2018 Field Trip season will open at noon on March 28, 2018 for current and renewing members.



The 2018 Field Trip Guidebook was mailed out to our members the first week in March.* Your member code and registration date are printed on the back cover of your Guidebook, above the address label.


Correction: Sorry, but you will NOT be able to pre-make your registration account as stated on page 3 of the Field Trip Guidebook. See our FAQ page for more information on this topic.


Map of Open Field Trips


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What makes our Field Trips special?Field Trips with the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin

We offer inspiring and completely unique opportunities for all ages and abilities to explore and learn about bats, birds, butterflies, beetles, and more. Join us for a hike, bike, or canoe paddle in Wisconsin’s most spectacular places. You’ll have a great time, and discover the very best of our state. Our Field Trips are led by professionals from the Department of Natural Resources and other experts who share their love and knowledge of Wisconsin’s lands, waters, and wildlife. No other organization offers these kinds of up-close experiences that connect participants to the critical conservation work being done to protect Wisconsin’s precious natural resources. Since 1994, nearly 45,000 participants have attended Foundation Field Trips.


If you cherish your outdoor memories of hikes through verdant lands, paddles down pristine waters, and quiet observations of birds, bats and other wildlife with the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, we invite you to join our Sojourners Society to support our Field Trip program. Learn more about how to become a Sojourners Society member today!


The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin works with some of the best travel agencies and guides in the business to put together one-of-a-kind adventures just for our members. You will be joined by Foundation staff as you discover the natural wonders of places like Iceland, New Zealand, Patagonia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Baja Mexico, and so much more. Explore the world with us! Discover our International Trips.