The Great Wisconsin Birdathon will return next spring! Thank you to everyone who participated, donated, or sponsored this year’s record-breaking event!

2021 Birdathon by the Numbers

Dollars raised in 2021

Priority projects received funding

Species of bird found

How it works

The Great Wisconsin Birdathon is Wisconsin’s largest fundraiser for bird conservation. Each year bird enthusiasts from across the state form teams with the goal of finding as many bird species as possible within a 24-hour period while raising important funds for bird conservation.

It’s like a walk-a-thon-style fundraiser, but instead of logging miles, you’re logging bird sightings!

Birdathon teams can participate any day from April 15th to June 15th, and all skill levels are welcome to join! Teams can bird anywhere – a backyard, local park, or a route to hit all their favorite birding hot spots. Both novice and expert birders can have fun and make a difference in protecting birdsthe Birdathon is for everybody!

The funds raised through the Great Wisconsin Birdathon go to the Bird Protection Fund, which supports our state’s highest priority bird conservation projects.

Team Double Stuffed Orioles looks for birds at Cherokee Marsh. Photo by Caitlyn Schuchhardt

Who are our Birdathoners?

2021’s Birdathon welcomed 65 amazing teams from all across Wisconsin. Twenty-three of those teams were organizational teams representing non-profits, Bird Cities, and bird clubs who were eligible to keep 50% of the funds they raised; six teams represented classrooms; and nineteen teams were brand new to the Birdathon!

The Great Wisconsin Birdathon is for everybodyfrom families birding for their first time, to veteran birders who can’t put their binoculars down, and everyone in between.

We’re out to #BringBirdsBack

The Great Wisconsin Birdathon began in 2012 and since then has raised more than $600,000 for bird protection in Wisconsin.

The funds are collected and managed by the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin through the Bird Protection Fund.

Projects supported by the Bird Protection Fund include conservation of Wisconsin’s most threatened and endangered bird species; creation and protection of critical breeding, stopover, and overwintering habitat; research and monitoring; and education and outreach.

The Piping Plover was voted to be the Birdathon’s #BirdOfTheYear. The Bird Protection Fund has supported the recovery and conservation of this endangered species since 2018. Photo by Ryan Brady

Thank you to our 2021 sponsors! 

The Great Wisconsin Birdathon couldn’t happen without the support of our generous sponsors. Thanks to the following organizations for their support of Wisconsin’s largest fundraiser for bird conservation.

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