Grant Programs

Through our grant programs, we’ve invested nearly $7 million in public and private conservation efforts—from funding statewide wildlife monitoring programs to creating butterfly gardens at local schools, and from building trails at state parks to helping recover the federally endangered whooping crane.

Follow the links below to learn more about each program and apply for a grant.

Bird Protection Fund

NRF staff members

Quiet Trails Fund

Wooden path through rolling hills

CD Besadny Fund

Flying snowy owl

Rare Plant Fund

Go Outside Fund

Kids with telescope

Teachers' Outdoor Fund

Caitlin Williamson

Caitlin Williamson

Director of Conservation Programs

(608) 266-1430
[email protected]

Cait oversees the Foundation’s grant programs and initiatives for conservation and environmental education, ensuring that our investments are science-based, strategic, and impactful. Cait’s work encompasses conservation science and planning, partnership development and capacity building.